Overview: Chatbot, packed with hours of fun and entertaining features to improve the offline chatting experience.
        P.S. Use the "?" prefix before commands on channels 'forsen', 'nymn', 'greekgodx', and 'supinic'
Leaderboards: View the online cookie leaderboards by clicking here
API: Developers can use the API Docs for information on how to use ThePositiveBot API, click here to view available endpoints.
How To Get The Bot? To request the bot, please fill out the request form by clicking here.

Commands: (Read the Twitch Channel's description for more information!)
Many of ThePositiveBot's commands require the bot to be a moderator or VIP in the channel.
Since the bot does not perform any actual moderation, it is safe to do so.

!alertme (register/unregister) - Get a whisper whenever the streamer whos chat you registered in goes live and when their title changes
!autocomplete|!ac (phrase) - Use the power of AI to auto complete the specified phrase
!bancheck (username) [channel] - Check the current ban/timeout status of the specified user in the specified channel
!booster - View the current global booster
!chatbot (sentence) - Talk with ThePositiveBot AI
!chatfact [channel] - receive a random fact about Twitch chat or the specified channel
!checkrank|!rank - Check your current cookie rank
!cock - Get the size of your... you know ;)
!cookie - Claim cookies every 2 hours
!cookies [name] - Checks yours or the specified name's cookie count and rank
!fact - receive a fact
!fakeword|!fw - Use the power of AI to get a realistic (but fake) sounding word
!find (username) - Find the channels that the specified username is currently in
!firstmessage|!fm|!firstline|!fl [name] [channel] - Check the first logged message the specified user posted in chat
!fortune|!happy|!sad|!negative|!positive - receive a random quoter
!joke - receive a joke
!leaderboards - Returns a link to view the web-based cookie-rank leaderboards
!math (query) - Solve a math problem
!meme (emote) (message) - Turn a twitch emote into a top tier meme (Split top and bottom text using a | divider)
!momjoke - Get random mom jokes
!myiq [name] - Displays the users "IQ" level
!optout|!optin - Opt(out/in) from commands, current commands: 'find', 'randomline'
!offlineviewers|!ov - Check how many offline viewers are in the chat
!ping - Returns ThePositiveBot uptime
!prestige - Prestige your account and restart the climb - (Reward: Special prefix & Lower cookie cooldown) *Keep 69% of your current cookies*
!profile [user] - Displays a small description of you or the user specified - Changes as you chat - Resets every month
!randomimage|!ri [channel] - Gets a random image that has been posted in the chat of the channel specified - Click here for a list of available channels
!randomline|!rl [name] [channel] - Gets a random message that you or the specified name posted in the chat
!rankup - Rankup your account with cookies - Ranks: Default -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond -> Masters -> GrandMasters -> Leader
!rps (Rock/Paper/Scissors) - Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with ThePositiveBot
!ship (name1) [name2] - Displays compatibility between the two given objects
!shop - Returns a link to view the cookie shop.
!spotify (genre) - Get a Spotify recommendation based on the specified genre
!stats (stocks/population/corona) [country/symbol] - Get statistics in whatever category you specify
!tip|!thank - Tip the current global booster with 1 cookie (Doesn't deduct any cookies from the user, only adds cookies to the booster)
!trivia (start/answer) - Start or answer a trivia question *Must be Platinum rank or higher*
!tts [voice] (message) - Returns a link with the specified message in the specified TTS voice - Click here for a list of available voices
!usage - Returns ThePositiveBot command count
!weather (location) - Get weather statistics on the provided location
!weebify (phrase) - Converts the given phrase into anime style lingo
!wholesome - Get a random wholesome tweet from a random wholesome twitter account
!wolfram (query) - Solve a complex (or simple) problem, using Wolfram|Alpha